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Welcome to Pet Skunk Supplements! This website is owned and operatedpet skunk supplements by pet skunk owners. We would never sell a product that we would not feel comfortable giving to our own skunks. After 35 years of pet skunk ownership, we have learned a few things. Skunks don’t do well on processed foods! They have their own nutritional requirements and cannot be treated like a dog, cat or other household pet. While we love our pet skunks like family, we realize they also cannot be fed as though they are humans. Skunks need small quantities of nutrient dense foods. Preferably these food choices should come from their natural food chain. When that is not possible, it is vital that the available nutrition matches what is in a wild skunk’s diet.
There is conflicting information on the internet about what constitutes a healthy diet for a pet skunk.Stomp Pet Skunk Diet Chicken Most of it is opinion based with no science to back up the opinion. It takes millions of years for evolutionary changes in a species diet. Just because people wish to keep skunks as pets, it doesn’t change the skunk’s dietary requirements. Stomp is a nutrient dense product that mimics the protein and fat content of a wild skunk’s diet. A wild skunk’s diet would consist of 85% of insects and larvae. Insects are high in protein and fat. The exoskeleton of the insects contains chitin, a tough, semitransparent substance that is chemically a polysaccharide which is a carbohydrate but one that is species appropriate for skunks. Chitin is the main component of the shells of crustaceans and the outer coverings of insects. Chitin is also found in the cell walls of certain fungi and algae. Common sense tells us that since chitin is present in a skunk’s diet in such large amounts, it must be needed for health. A wild skunk would be obtaining chitin, not only from insects but from wild fungi and the algae in water. We have long recommended that no less than 50% of an adult pet skunk’s diet should be from feeder insects. We currently offer dried mealworms and will be adding dried krill in the near future.

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