Synertek Colostrum
Synertek colostrum is 100% natural, first six hour colostrum. Colostrum is activated in the mouth by saliva. All mammals, including humans, at birth receive and benefit from colostrum. All newborn mammals receive colostrum orally, and not in an encapsulated form which bypasses the mouth, throat, and pharynx, where vital biological processes occur. Encapsulation is not part of the scheme designed by nature. Processes initiated by colostrum dissolving in the mouth are crucial to colostrum efficacy; these include salivation, buffering, enzymatic and neurological responses, direct protection against infection in the mouth and throat where infection often begins, and healing of the gums and esophagus.
Colostrum contains trypsin and protease inhibitors, and mixes with saliva to form a protective, mucus-like coating that keeps the colostrum from being degraded by digestive enzymes. Using either lozenges or powder enable these protective processes provided by nature.

Recommended dose: 1 tablet twice per day per 10 lbs of body weight.

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