Links and Information

Links to More Information about Pet Skunks

Just Skunks
Pet Skunk Products and Merchandise.

Pet Skunk Message Board
An online community for pet skunk owners.

Mephitis Advocate
Free newsletter on the care of pet skunks. Skunk news you can use.

Skunk Vet Care
A website for veterinarians to use as a resource for treating pet skunks.

Pet Skunk Food
Stomp, species appropriate pet skunk diet.

Food Grade DE
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for pets or humans.

Skunk Forum
Message board to discuss pet skunk care.

Pet Skunk Memorial List
Online memorial for pet skunks who passed.

Pet Skunk Veterinary List
Veterinary list for pet skunks.

Humane Wild Skunk Relocation
Humane Wild Skunk Relocation specializes in the removal of nuisance wild life.